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Wrongful Dismissals

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Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers St. John’s Newfoundland

Being terminated or wrongfully dismissed from a job without cause can quickly result in financial insecurity, especially in situations where the employer fails to provide adequate notice and/or pay. For employees suddenly finding themselves without work, this is often a highly emotional and uncertain time. It is crucial to seek the assistance of a skilled and effective employment lawyer as soon as possible in order to assess the situation and determine one’s rights.

The wrongful dismissal lawyers at Rogers Rogers Moyse have spent many years dedicated to the practice of employment law. They excel at protecting employee rights in a range of industries, in both the private and public sectors. They provide insight and a clear strategy for clients, quickly identifying the best chance of success in any wrongful dismissal matter. They are experienced in all forms of seeking remedies, including trials, mediation, arbitration and appearing before tribunals. They work efficiently to ensure their clients suffer as little fallout as possible from their wrongful termination.

Our employment lawyers work to secure a positive resolution as quickly as possible, knowing that clients are often facing hardships while awaiting compensation. They will go to bat for clients at the negotiating table and will provide an unwavering defence in court or alternative dispute resolution methods if necessary. To discuss your matter in confidence, please contact the firm by telephone at 709-722-3777 or reach out online.

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