It is impossible for most able bodied people to imagine having to deal with a long-term or permanent injury. Losing the ability to visit friends, go to work, or play your favourite sport, takes an enormous toll on a person. However, with help from an experienced long term disability lawyer, victims have a better chance to regain control of their lives.

A long term disability lawyer represents severely injured members of the community. When an individual suffers a serious injury or illness that prevents them from re-entering the workforce, long term disability insurance can make life easier by providing income to cover medical care, home care, rehabilitative care, and other necessary expenses.

Physical disabilities include full or partial paralysis caused by a brain or spinal cord injury, or lingering afflictions like chronic pain. Depression, PTSD, and anxiety, more commonly seen as mental injuries, can also qualify you for disability benefits. The bottom line is this: if you can’t earn a living after sustaining an injury, you have reason to submit a long term disability claim.

The team at Rogers Rogers Moyse are experienced in long term disability law, and have combined experience of over 100 years in assisting injury victims across Newfoundland and Labrador. At our firm, our goal is to shoulder the legal burden while you focus on your recovery.


There is no catch-all list of injuries that will qualify you for disability benefits – your coverage will depend on your insurance policy. However, injuries or illnesses that prevent you from performing your job for an extended period of time will generally qualify. The period of time over which you are covered will depend on the severity of your injuries and how long you are affected by them.

Injuries that cause severe physical disabilities like paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other forms of paralysis are often cited in long term disability claims. These can be caused by car accidents, boating accidents, motorcycle or bicycle accidents, or even simple slip-and-fall events.

Other chronic disabilities and illnesses, such as PTSD and chronic pain, may also disrupt your ability to work for a long period of time, and as such are perfectly valid reasons for filing a claim for disability benefits. When an individual is injured through no fault of their own, they should not be punished for their inability to work regularly. The process of recovering from significant physical or mental injuries is often excruciating; adding undue financial stress to that mix is unnecessary. That’s why a Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers’ long term disability lawyer will fight so hard on behalf of our clients and their recoveries.

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