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Rogers Rogers Moyse Podcast

Over the years we have had the good fortune to meet and talk with special Newfoundlanders who have made this a better Province. Their stories are interesting and intriguing which makes listening to the beginning of their humble roots and rise to what makes them famous that much more enjoyable. We are a small Province by way of population but so rich and wealthy by the diversity and success of those same people. We thought it would be marvelous to put their stories together for your listening pleasure. If you smile while listening to these podcasts then our goal was achieved. All the best to everyone.


Beni Malone

Mike Howard

Jonathan Crowe

Chris Andrews and Mark Hiscock

Pete Soucy

Sue Kelland Dyer

Terry Reilly

Robin Short

Dr. Noreen Golfman

Dr. Richard (Dick) Barter

Adam Keating

Greg Malone

Mary Sexton

Joanne Mcdonald  (OC, PhD)

Bernie Stapleton

Arthur O’Brien 

Dr. Wade Locke 

Ed Hollett 

Amy House 

Dr. Andrew Furey 

Adam Goby 

Dr. Paul Snelgrove 

Rogers Grimes 

Peter Halley 

Ken Shaw

Grant Boland

Hon. Andrew Parsons 

Hon. Tom Osborne

Vince Withers

John Ottenheimer

Peg Norman

Gerry Rogers